Chapter 4

I woke up dazed.

Where was I? I thought, until the memories of last night’s encounter came flooding back. I kept trying to trick myself into thinking it was a dream, and I almost did. Until I realized I was still in my car, parked at the quick mart. Jeez, I thought to myself, what time is it? I glanced at the clock in the car, to see it was 5:00. I slept for less than 3 hours, that’s just fantastic. I leaned up to grab my phone, but I felt an excruciating pain in my upper back and neck, from where that crazy stalker slammed me up against the wall. Anytime I tried to move my shoulders back or forward, it felt as if my bones were sandpaper against my muscles. I managed to contort my body enough to reach for my phone to call the police about the guy who assaulted me. I was just ready to call them when I stopped. I forgot that the police would most likely ask for my location and expect me to explain what happened, in person. I couldn’t risk it. And anyways, this guy has probably left town by now, my information would be pretty useless. Hell, he might have left this half of the country after he saw my own personal freak show.

I put my phone down and brought the front seat back up to a sitting position to drive home. As I was driving, I contemplated who that psycho assailant could have been. He had been stalking me for weeks, definitely more than a month. Most likely learning my habits, to find where was the best spot to kill me. Which then begs the question; why in such an open space? I mean, yeah it was at 2:00 in the morning, but it was still public. The employee could have seen. Anyone could have walked by and watched the life drain from my eyes. Someone could have shot him right then and there because they saw that he was trying to kill me. There are just so many flaws to this plan, after this guy having stalked me for so long.

Anyways, I just turned into the underground parking lot for my apartment. I parked in my reserved spot, and got out of the car. Man, it had been a long day. I couldn’t wait for to get back in my bed and fall asleep.

But as I was walking up the stairs, a thought occurred to me. What if this stalker was waiting in my apartment? I felt my face turn paper white with the thought. Suddenly, my only sanctuary after this crazy encounter could not be safe. I looked for something, anything that I had on me to defend myself. I didn’t have anything other than a belt on, which may work… Who am I kidding, I have nothing.

I got to the door. I figured if I stood to the side, where I wasn’t in the line of sight, I could open the door without being vulnerable. I inserted the key, and slowly turned it to the right… Then twisted the doorknob and pulled my hand back. My door made it’s normally creaky noise, exaggerated by the fact that it was slowly being opened by a small push.

I waited. A whole minute went by, then five. I thought maybe he was waiting for me to walk right into a bullet to the chest. So I continued waiting. Ten minutes. I was beginning to think that, if he did have a gun, he would still have an advantage even if he were forced to come out here. I waited an extra five minutes to be sure, and then I peeked around the corner.


My apartment was empty. I had freaked out over nothing. Man, was that a relief. I walked in, shutting the door behind me and thinking how paranoid I was being. I knew this guy had been following me, but breaking in might have been a bit of a stretch because I have a bolt lock on my door. I collapsed on the couch after such a stressful few hours. I layed there for a while, and I almost fell asleep when I heard some shuffling in the hall outside. I checked the time, 7:30. That’s fine, it’s just the paperboys dropping newspapers off at people’s doors. Just as I heard the last paperboy go back down the stairs, I fell asleep.


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