Chapter 3

6 Months Later


I walked up to the counter at a local quick mart. Thank goodness this place was open 24 hours, I thought, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go shopping without this guy following me.

He was average height with brownish-black hair(Not unlike my own) and always wore a black leather jacket. It looked like he also had dark skin. He didn’t stand out too much, but I have gotten very good at seeing things with my peripheral vision and not looking directly at people. So I have watched this guy, and he follows me everywhere; to the grocery store, to the mechanic, even if I go to the restroom somewhere he waits outside, then starts walking as soon as I leave. He is never too close, so I just ignore him. He could be one of those people that gets really angry and makes a big scene if you call them out for doing something. I definitely do not want to be involved in anything that brings more attention to me.

And that is why I am here at the quick mart, trying to avoid this guy at all costs. Oh, did I mention it was 2:00 in the morning? Yeah, no sleep for the ones who don’t want to be stalked, apparently.

I paid for the few things I was buying at this ungodly hour. A box of cereal, a gallon of milk and some hot pockets. Enough to live off. As I walked away from the counter, though, none other than my own personal stalker walks in. I asked myself, how can fast could I walk out of here and get in my car to drive away? As we passed each other, I saw his face; and the sinister grin on it. I rushed out of there, thinking I had time to get into my car at least. Wait, what if him going into the store was just a ploy to…


He slammed me up against the brick wall outside the store. He held me there with one hand by the neck while he brought out a knife in his other.

“Sss… Stop…” I managed to get out with him choking me. But all the sudden, his eyes widened in a look of genuine surprise and horror. He let go and I fell to the ground. “Please, just leave me alone…” I gasped between fits of choking as he backed away from me in horror. Suddenly he started running away, and I layed crumpled helplessly on the concrete for what could have been an hour. Finally I staggered over to my car and collapsed out of exhaustion in the seat.


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