Chapter 2

“Ethan Kane,” I muttered to myself as I examined my South African driver’s license. Over the last few years I didn’t feel like Ethan Reynolds. I felt like a blank canvas to be drawn upon by others. Why do I need a name if it can be overwritten by my appearance? These were the kind of depressed thoughts I had in high school, but now that my hormones are back in balance I am also feeling better about myself. I’m 25, so puberty has finished and my chameleon disease, which is what I am calling it, has also calmed down. Now, I have some control over the changes.

Like if I touch someone, my skin will only discolor if I am looking at the person. And if it does change color, I can find a place to sit down and concentrate on that one spot. After about half an hour or so, I can get it to go away. So in a way, this condition has wired itself into my brain also, which makes it a bit easier to deal with.

But anyways, I should probably fill you in on exactly what happened since I left home. After high school, I tried going to a remote island in the Philippines to try to escape other people, and I met a tribe there that cared for me during my time there. Of course, I grew up in Ohio, so this tribal lifestyle was not something that was natural for me. So after about 3 months I hitched a ride off the island on a cargo plane going to Johannesburg, South Africa. I saw on the island that my condition wasn’t flaring up as much, so I thought I could teach myself to control it by moving to an urban environment.

It was tough at first, but I adjusted. As I mentioned above, my skin wouldn’t change if I didn’t see the other person. So I choose to live in solitude as much as I can, but when I do go out in public I don’t fear others as much as I used to. I have learned to control my demon, and I am in a good place.


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